Dear FLOOR community,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that we will be closing the doors to FLOOR Center for Dance permanently. Although our closure greatly saddens us, we want to convey our appreciation for everyone who participated in making FLOOR the magical space that it was. Thank you for your energy, your support, your sweat, and your participation. Thank you for trusting us, bringing your child in for dance class, or simply sharing a laugh in the space. Thank you for creating art, performing your art, and inspiring us to make art. Although FLOOR was only open for a short time, the memories we’ve made here will never be forgotten and we are filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to share our passion for dance with such a beautiful community.

Thank you for supporting FLOOR over the last year and a half. We could not have done it without you.


Our deepest thanks,

Stephanie, Lauren, Adrianna, and Annika



6635 N Baltimore Ave

Suite 271

Portland, OR 97203

*located on the second floor of Cathedral Park Place in St. Johns

Keypad entry after 5pm on weeknights and on weekends. Email for entry code

(971) 350-9070