After relocating from Los Angeles in the fall of 2017, we found that the Portland dance community was teeming with potential and we were eager to join the erupting scene. As we immersed ourselves further in the community, we noticed that many dance and movement-based spaces in the city were closing. We also noticed an influx of hungry dancers from across the country. We decided the next goal would be to open a space welcoming all ages and abilities, and on November 3, 2018 we opened the doors to FLOOR Center for Dance.

FLOOR aims to foster a creative environment that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance. We strive to enrich Portland’s dance scene by supporting the city’s rapidly growing dance community and will welcome national and international dance artists to create in our space. We will engage and educate the community and make viewing and participating in dance more accessible. Our schedule offers a wide range of styles and technical foundation for all ages, levels, and abilities. We will provide consistent performance opportunities to our students, along with local and visiting artists of varying modalities. FLOOR is a place to discover, nurture and reconnect to the passion of movement and physical expression.

We strive to bring the Portland dance community a high-quality movement facility with the capability of providing space to train, create, and perform.





FLOOR Center for Dance is a training center for children and dancers of all ages, abilities, and skill levels, as well as a space for growth, exploration, and experimentation in movement arts. Our aim is to ignite the dance community and provide an atmosphere that encourages passion, commitment and innovation to all who walk through the door.