FCFD junior company is focused on providing exceptional, well rounded training in Ballet, Contemporary/Modern, and Jazz techniques while nurturing and cultivating young artists through performance opportunities and community engagement. Company members will have opportunities to work with guest artists, choreograph for the “Student Showcase”, and train as pre-professional dancers.


Students will be immersed in a conservatory style setting where they will be taking at least 6 classes weekly to refine and strengthen technique, engage with different teaching styles, and explore and develop their own artistic voices.


Performance opportunities throughout the city will help students gain confidence and boldness as dancers, as well as expose them to their peers within the local dance community.


As seasoned dance educators, we will instill discipline and a strong work ethic in a nurturing and empowering setting that will prepare them for professional environments. Dancers will feel supported yet challenged by both instructors and peers.


FCFD aims to foster versatile, ambitious, passionate dancers who are dedicated to their craft, who step out of their comfort zone, and who thrive on expressing themselves.

Performance Opportunities

  • Winter Showcase

  • Spring Showcase

  • Groovin Greenhouse - Fertile Ground Festival of the Arts

  • Galaxy Dance Festival 

  • In The Rough

  • Student Choreography Showcase

Required Weekly Classes

  • 2 Ballet

  • 2 Contemporary Modern

  • 1 Jazz

  • 1 Conditioning

  • 1 Pre/Pointe (upper division only)

  • at least 1 rehearsal

Tuition & Fees

  • Monthly tuition $365 (includes required classes and rehearsals)

  • Annual Director's fee $350 (includes festival entry fees, masterclasses, costumes, props, and choreography - does not include competition/convention fees) 

Placement Audition:

August 18, 2019     

10-11:30am - ages 8-12

12-2pm - ages 13-19


Audition includes Ballet and Contemporary Modern. Dancers will be placed into 1 of 2 divisions based on technical efficiency and maturity. Please arrive  15-20 minutes early  to navigate the building and check in. Dress in form-fitting dance attire, ballet shoes (no pointe shoes). 


FLOOR Center for Dance

6635 N Baltimore Ave. Suite 271

Portland, Or 97203

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